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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   x512X
    Hello, new member here. Have been wanting to go to school in nursing since high school and now I'm 27 and am serious about it. I've looked around town at a vocational center which has a LPN program and at the community college with a great nursing program as well. I have not been to college and am kind of confused as to which direction I should take. Any advice? I'd appreciate it.
  2. by   NewMexicoJohn
    If I were you I'd see what pre-requisites are needed for the RN program. At your age it's better to spend the time to get your RN properly. It may take you two years just to finish your pre-requisites, but don't let that discourage you......consider it part of your education. It's about a 3-4 year road to become an RN after high school.

    Here are the classes you will typically need but they vary from school to school. I would start out taking just ONE class at night and put everything you have into it. You'll develop confidence......keep going.....then take two classes the next semester and so on.

    One word of not underestimate the degree of difficulty in these freshman level courses. They are ball busters and you should really shoot for an "A" in all of your classes if you want to get into an RN program. You can make one or two "B"s along the way but I would strive for A's. I know here in New Mexico there are waiting lists of students waiting to get into RN school. I would not reccommend doing the LVN or LPN program because there are so many limitiations to practice with that credential. You need to get your RN if you want to make clinical decisions and really learn the foundations.

    You need a solid foundation in Algebra.
    You need 2 semesters of Anatomy and Physiology (I wouldn't take any other classes when you take A&P, they are REALLY hard courses)
    You need 2 semesters of basic Chemistry
    You need 1 semester of Microbiology
    You need 1 semester of Human Growth and Development
    You need 1 semester of Nutrition

    And of course, you'll need the basic English and Humanities that colleges require. The above courses are pretty standard at most colleges and universities. I would recommend starting at your community college. Take one course at a time until you develop confidence and good study habits. Talk to the folks in the Nursing Program and let them know you are tracking to apply to the RN program. They'll tell you EXACTLY what classes to take and hopefully they can mentor you.

    I say GO FOR IT! Our economy is TANKING and Nursing is going to be a job that will always be there to pay the bills no matter WHERE you move in the world. Other jobs may pay more but Nursing will pay off in spades in terms of job availability and such. There are predicted to be HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of software engineers and Sales people out of jobs in the coming decade. You're doing the right thing. DO IT NOW. Don't wait. I was an X-ray tech in my early 20's and it was a great job with good pay and benefits and it was a good stepping stone to other jobs later in life. Now that I am in my late 40's I am trying Nursing as my last career jump!

    I say............GO FOR IT! It's way better to BURN out than to RUST out!

    Turn the after burners on and go kick some ass!
  3. by   jlaineCCRN
    Quote from agent
    Glad to see you guys.

    I think it will be slightly to my advantage to be the only guys amongst a bunch of women, but im also slightly scared by it.
    the truth is that the women luv the male nurses, it's so easy to make it through the day. I have been a CVICU RN for six years and have yet to wipe someones backside. I work a deal with the females. If I help them get there pts up, then they do the cleaning up. I still very much do a lot of accessing, but never touch a rag. sounds good to me. It's even less likely that it will happen in the future b/c I start CRNA school in AUG. 08. Not trying to sound like a jurk. Really. Handle every woman with kitten gloves and the days will be good. Stay cool.
  4. by   2bELNurse1
    New guy here also, 22 and just finish my CNA certification and now I got in the LPN program.
  5. by   mursestudent
    Hello all...
    I will be starting clinicals in sept. any advice anyone can offer would be great.
  6. by   swimmer01
    I need a review for oncology lvn test can anyone help me out??
  7. by   SteveNNP
    Quote from swimmer01
    I need a review for oncology lvn test can anyone help me out??
    Try the oncology forum under the specialty tab
  8. by   New-1-2
    Hi all,
    I'm new here also. I will be starting LPN school in Sept. I have been out of school for 7 yrs. I wanted to go the Accelerated BSN route but don't have the pre-req's. I have a BS in Business, so the transition without pre-req's makes me nervous, so please pray for me. I intend to do RN bridge upon completion & press on to MSN. God bless.
  9. by   bigoso
    hey here, I've got one more semester left to graduate from nursing school. Great forum here
  10. by   TheSquire
    I'm only on page 45 of this thread, but I thought I'd chime in before I keeled over from exhaustion...

    I'm a 24yo guy, failed pre-med who's spent the past two years working as a research lab tech. I just got into DePaul's Graduate-Entry Master's program, and my plan is to eventually become an NP.
  11. by   TheSquire
    On page 95 now...

    Forgot to mention that my original degree from two years ago is a BS in Molecular and Cell biology. So, for all those taking prereqs who need help telling an actin filament from the golgi apparatus from an indel, I'm your guy.
  12. by   Mr.StudentNurse
    It's really nice to see so many guys that are into Nursing! One of the most exciting thing's about this profession is that there are endless opportunities!! I'm a 24 year professional dancer with a BFA in dance and am looking forward to becoming an ARNP and or CRNA!
  13. by   blabberbrain
    still have space for another newcomer?
    I'm only 18, and coming from a family of nurses, nursing was not that big of a stretch.
    Two and a half more semesters until I graduate (I refuse to consider our Intensive Clinical as a full semester for we do not have exams, so it's only recognized as a half semester), but hopefully I'll be a nurse by 2009!