Starting nursing school in July, how do I survive financially while in school?

  1. I am about to start school in July. I am drawing un employment benefits right now, but how do I keep money coming in while in school. Does anyone know of any cost of living grants or loans I can get while in school?

    I got one pell grant but it goes to the school. Is there any help that I can get to survive. It would seem like it would be because of the nursing shortage. I live in San Jose California.

    I appreciate any ideas. This is my first time to this site...

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  3. by   HumptyDumpty
    Loans? Are there any hospitals in the area that pay your tuition in exchange for 2 years of work after you graduate?

    Just take out private loans through the financial aid office to live on. Be very frugal with your spending and find a room mate!
  4. by   beejaycee
    You might check out the grant section of the HRSA web site.
  5. by   keithjones
    Somewhere on that HRSA site there is a grant that pays all tuition books fees uniforms, etc. and $1269 a month stipend while you are in school. In return you just have to work as a nurse 1 year for every year you receive funding in certain types of locations (hospitals, LTC, etc). Since you are on unemployment you will have an EFC of $0 and should qualify.

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