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I have not missed any clincal days. Others in class are talking about which day they're calling in because they never missed a day either. One professor actually said she does not mind when... Read More

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    Quote from msdobson
    I agree with Tweety (when do I not? ) You ARE going to take it, so why are you wasting everyone's time with this thread? As you can see, ALMOST EVERYONE thinks you should bite the bullet and attend that last clinical.

    I agree with them.

    Barring the odd emergency, I can't think of a single thing you might do on that day that you haven't done a thousand times already, or will do a thousand times in the future.

    Step up to the plate and quit whinning about it.


    I've been on this board, sharing my story, airing my issues, and pouring it all out for a long time. Anyone knows that I'm certainly one to step up to the plate and beyond. Whine? Me? Nah. Well maybe. Everyone's got their crap to go through, and everyone deals with it differently. But there are those that care, and those that dont. This post was replied to by a few that care. That's why I posted it. I knew I could count on hearing from those that care. Simple. I don't think I'm wasting anyone's time. Most people who are not interested skip the post and move on to the next.

    Yeah, I'm going to the last day. I also know there won't be anything I have not done before, and if there is, I'll ask someone for assistance... even the professor. But that's not what my concern was, and I'm not gonna go into what the underlying reason was all over again. Timothy gets it. Tweety gets it too, I know. They've been here with me since the beginning, lending support. Thats what this board is for, support, not needling. But I'm still going.

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