Should I stay or should I go now?

  1. So, I've been thinking lately and wanted to see if anyone else had any advice.

    I'm working 24/48s as a paramedic, and I am smack dab in the middle of my 2nd of 3 semesters of transition. Work is getting to be a bit extreme on the BS and such since my agency is going through a kind of a hostile takeover. I'm guaranteed a job no matter who comes in and runs the show, but since I'm getting closer to being done with school, I was thinking about picking up a nurse intern spot (or advanced nurse tech) at one of the hospitals and ride that out until school is over. This way I would already have a job in the hospital, and as long as all went well, I could just move up to an open RN spot when I finish everything and get that magical blue card.

    I've got a wife and kids to support so money is an issue, but I obviously don't get paid excessive amounts of cash for what I do now either.

    I'm not looking for any answer or for someone to make my decision for me. Just looking to see if anyone else out there has gone this route, or have heard stories of the same. Thanks!
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  3. by   barleynhopsBSN
    I would recommend getting the job as a student nurse tech. Perhaps take out a private loan to help tide you and your family over until you graduate. I was a student nurse tech while in school and was amoung the first to get a job as an RN after graduation. Sure the private loan will need to be paid back but waiting several months to get a job as an RN is a lot of lost income as well.
  4. by   ImThatGuy
    Since you're in the middle of your second semester I'd go ahead and ride it out this semester. Once you've done it the takeover will be more toward completion probably and you can re-evaluate your situation.

    I quit a job and took a lesser paying one to go back to school for nursing, and I honestly regret it. I miss my income, retirement plan, and other benefits. Fortunately, I haven't had to spend any of what I had prior to the change, but I feel like I've taken a giant step backwards in life.
  5. by   link51411
    stay a paramedic. I think you are getting better experaince now than you would be working in a hospital. I say this because one of my charge nurses was a paramedic and shes one of the best nurses that we have.
  6. by   Bob_N_VA
    Sounds to me like there are plusses and minuses on both sides of the issue, what you need to do is figure out which side has more plusses.

    There is something to be said for staying put, you have a continuity in your current job, pay is probably somewhat better and you are still working in a related field. Downside is the BS part, that gets very old and one of my concerns would be how much time you get to study and do your coursework.

    Moving to the hospital is obviously a plus. You get an inside look at all the departments, they get to see your face and start to know you hopefully as a good worker. You'll have BS at either job, so don't weigh that to heavilly at either place. Considerations about time for coursework and study are also germane. Add it all up and then trust your gut. Either way its not a long term issue since you will eventually graudate and move on to an RN slot (hopefully)