Nursing Internships in Southern CA?

  1. Does anyone know of any internships or ways to gain experience towards nursing besides volunteering or employment at local hospitals? Websites or any other resources would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Bobmo88
    Hello! I'm not sure of too many other ways to get experience without working in a hospital or volunteering but here are the ideas I can think of off the top of my head. COPE Health Solutions has different programs depending on if you are a high school student, college student and or/ graduate, a nursing student, or a nursing graduate. I did their Clinical Care Extender program but it is volunteering in a hospital. I also did two one week international medical trips to Panama and Honduras with Global Medical Brigades. For my last suggestion, I never volunteered for this organization but the school I will be attending in the Fall for a BSN accepts TLC Home Hospice as volunteer experience for the programs supplemental criteria, however, they are mainly in the Ventura County and Los Angeles County area. Hope this helps.

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  4. by   justinpark09
    the care extender internship program in ucla. the next round of orientation sessions will occur in early october 2012. good luck.