Need help on how to study for the NCLEX-PN!

  1. Please guys I need some tips on how to study for the Nclexpn. Ill be taking the test this year. If anyone has an idea or experience about the test let me know. And please share your studying strategies. Thanks guys!
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  3. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    Ok now I was always suffering from test be honest i never thought that i would get through the vigorous lpn program...I was lucky to have an exceptional instructor...she travels every year to write questions for the boards...PN and listen carefully my friend...this is what I was INSTRUCTED to do along with all my other fellow classmates last you have to do is this...get the Saunders N-CLEX PN flashcards....thats it..practice questions and answers...keep doing me..doing quetions and answers will help you with test taking will help you eliminate answers that are obviously NOT the me..this is coming from a "Procrastinator" instrucotr just told us to do Saunders flashcards...and get the saunders "orange" book and read the chapters on Infections control...legalities, and familiarize yourself on lad values and hypers with hypos..THATS IT!!!...every one of us in my class passed boards FIRST shot with the minimum of 85 quest..GOOD LUCK!!!'ll do great!...XoXo
  4. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    one more thing..KNOW your ABC's....they will help tremendously with priority questions...XoXo
  5. by   saramanda
    Hello, my name is amanda, i am a student nurse and i qualify in march 2008 and i would like to know how you get from nursing here in the uk to america. I am completly baffled and this site has confused me more lol. I hope you can help me??
  6. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    Hi saramanda..if i were you i would do not familiar with overseas licensure...and yes this forum can get confusing at times...the best thing to do is this..what ever state you are deciding to live in here in the united their Board of Nursing...each state in this country has a Board of nursing...for example...New York...its New York state Board of Nursing...florida..Florida State Board of Nursing etc etc...when you decide what state it is that you are to move to their Board of Nursing..and once you have contacted them they will be able to assist you with your question about licensure here in the United States...I had a friend who got licensure here from Haiti..and she had to go through Albany which is the capital of the state of new york for her eligibility to be evaluated by the US...although she lived in Florida..she however had to take the Boards here in the US after Approval from the US...I hope this helped a bit...good luck...XoXo