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This may sound stupid but does being male affect your chances of getting into nursing school at all?... Read More

  1. by   ~Trini~
    It will help your chances of being accecpted to a nursing school.
  2. by   Woodenpug
    I am fairly sure that it will not help your chances of getting accecpted or even accepted into a nursing school. Even if it did, you do not want to decrease your chances by counting on that.

    Check out the paragraph titled "raise the bar" at this website: It's the fourth subtitled heading.
  3. by   ~Trini~
    Your sarcasm was duly noted Woodenpug. It was no doubt a typographical error but nevertheless I applaud you for you keen observation. Some schools will usher men into their nursing programs before women "UNOFFICIALLY". I am not here to argue so spare me the burden of proof or the right or wrongs of it. So, will it be a plus for a male student when applying to a nursing program, yes it will. But, I won't bet my last on it being the deciding factor on whether one gets "accecpted" or not. As always, a good NLN score along with a good GPA is always your best bet.
  4. by   Woodenpug
    It's not about arguing, it's about correcting a common and negative misconception.

    I typed it that way not as sarcasm, just a joke. Obviously poorly received. My apology.
  5. by   D51/2NS
    If it does affect your chances, then it's time to "lawyer up".
  6. by   Gatsbygreat
    Honestly, I don't think it mattered during the admissions process at all (that I know of). I still had to have a certain gpa, pass the hesi with a certain score and so on and so on. But it does make you stand out a bit more in class. Professors will remember me more often and call on me a bit more, too. Besides that, it really doesn't matter. We'll see if it changes during clinicals.
  7. by   Kiwiguy
    My understanding is that there is a certain standard you have to meet before my school even considers people. Then you have to understand that [for some reason i cannot understand] not many males consider Nursing to be a career they want to get into so the enrollment rate of guys is very much overshadowed by the amount of girls.
  8. by   Thujone
    Nope, it will have no effect. Either you meet the criteria to get in or you don't.