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  1. its official i am going to an 11 month program for there a requirement for lvn like become a cna first and LVN????? i hope not

    well my background is i was in a community college RN but its taking a lot of time to do it. maybe 3-4 years becuase of that waiting list (almost all the prerequisite for RN in my community college are full every semister) For LVN i was thinking after i become a LVN i can go to a school to do LVN - RN bridge. much easier and plus making enough money for it too. also experience wise. arghh i should have think of that before i went to community college.

    If you are a LVN please give me some advice on how to handle the classes

    thanks bryan

    PS: a lot of people told me go for RN because you might not go back to school. wel thats for them cuz probabaly they have a child or someone to take care of. i am single, 24 years of old male. i can do night shifts and continue on to go to school ...god willing at age 27 or less i can have a RN degree.
    also after LVN i can save enough money to support myself and to go to school. not unlike right now, going to community college classes closess immiedietely and making not enough money for it.. pathethic huh i would rather go to i relaized it depends on the situations why people want to go to RN first because they are already making good money.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Congratulations on getting accepted into a program.
    Can't give you any direct advice from the "male nurse perspective" because that is something that I am definitely not..........

    But I can suggest to keep your eyes and ears open to everything.........think of yourself as a sponge just trying to soak everything up. School will just give you the basics, your true learning curve will begin once you start your first job as an LPN or LVN.

    Good luck to you...............