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Hey guys, So I am an older male nursing student and I just failed a clinical course in pediatrics. Prior to this course I had great grades and very good clinical evaluations. Because this was a... Read More

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    Well, that's the way it goes sometimes. Can't beat the system when they decide to get you. Be advised that the moderators will censor the names from your enlightening post.
    Yes, you can beat the system. I was born and raised in the Philippines, my people outed 22 yrs of dictatorship not a single blood shed, just nuns and priests. I can not just sit back and let ignorance prevail.

    Holocaust happened because cowardice people just sat back and watched evil triumphed over good. No one had enough courage to speak up to say "enough,'' I will be damned for the rest of my life if I just sit and watch ignorance ruin people's lives. I hope I could encourage people who read this post to do stand up against ignorance.

    Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    I still think you have provided too much info. This site advises against posting email addresses. If someone wants to email you, they can use the email icon underneath your screen name. Also, the link is a dead giveaway. You should just invite people to email you so that you can converse in private, but, remember.....your attorney will tell you not to discuss your case with anyone. How do you know that some stranger who approaches you from an internet site is really an innocent party? Think about this some more. Best wishes.
    True, so far I have not lied and continued to not lie. If they obtained information in illegal way, I do not think think it is admittible in court. I believed honesty is the best policy, so far I been very honest. You have to break the yolk to make an omelet, I have to hear other people's story, time will tell if they honest or not.
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    Hi! I'm not a male nursing student but an African-american nursing student at the University of Colorado. I just failed my med/surg clinical over a substandard care plan when I had just a few days ago I had a glowing midterm evaluation. Like you, I spoke up for myself and was advised that I needed to develop conflict resolution skills--funny. Also, like you, in order to justify failing me the instructor came up with a written justification that was chock full of falsehoods--it was like Alice in Wonderland!

    I am planning on filing an official grievance because it was clear this instructor had issues with me from the very beginning. I was ignored by the other nurses while my white classmates were embraced and taught procedures and medication administration while I was busy bathing patients and changing sheets. Try to use the process by going to the dean. Staff at the university has more at stake in seeing minority nurses succeed. I am currently re-evaluating why I would want to be a nurse.

    I'm sorry for your situation but now I don't feel so alone.

    disgruntled in Colorado
    Could you discuss your personal story with me pls via email? I am also a former University of Colorado College of Nursing student. I believe we both had same preceptor and have similar experiences on our clinical rotations. Thanks
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    Wow, I'm surprised this thread is still going. Just thought I'd post an update on my case since I originally posted this topic. I filed complaints with many of the same Federal and State agencies that were mentioned on here. Unfortunately by the time I was done dealing with the school, my statute of limitations was up for filing with the Federal agencies. The state agency took my case and did a great job investigating it but due to privacy laws they were limited in what they could find without witnesses and/or fellow students signing statements allowing the State to review their student files. Sadly, all my fellow classmates were understandably too scared to sign anything due to retaliation from the school. Therefore the agency called it a draw and said that it could not validate either party's claims.

    I also went up and down the chain of authority within the University but they backed the nursing department 100%. They said that because nursing deals with public health and safety they do not interfere in their disciplinary issues and give them "professional courtesy" and "laissez-faire" in issues such as this. I caught them in several discrepancies and mistatements and when they realized that they were in trouble their legal department circled the wagons even tighter. The Nursing Department became even more emboldened in their refusal to deal with my appeals.

    In our state students can appeal all the way through the Department of Education to the Governor's office. I therefore started to petition my state representative and state senator and the Senate Pro Tem (President of the State Senate). His office got really involved in the case and pressed the University very hard in my case but the University's legal department would not budget without a finding of fact from a Federal or State agency.

    The only way I got any reaction from anyone was when I finally filed a complaint with the Nursing Department's accreditation agency. Prior to that I was not allowed ANY access to any comments or statements that were made by anyone in the nursing or univeristy staff during ANY meetings regarding my case. As part of my complaint process, the nursing department HAD to answer directly to them for all the complaints that I filed and I got a copy of all their answers. For the first time I found out what the chair of the department had been telling the university about my case. I found that she had been misquoting me, misrepresenting facts, and outright lying. I sent a resonse back to the accreditation agency and then sent copies of my response and all the incorrect statements and lies that she made to all the university personnel above her AND to the state representatives and senators' offices with her misstatements highlighted. When the nursing department found out the accreditation department was questioning them, they sat up and listened right away!!!!

    Unfortunately the accreditation agency did not have the authority to intervene in my case but they had the authority to audit the nursing department and force them to change policy. I was not privy to the final report. All I know is that last I checked the chairperson of the nursing department is no longer employed at the university!!! I've since moved on and started at another BSN program and am almost 1/2 way through.

    In response to some statements I've heard in some posts on here... to clarify, I never said that all the nurses or instructors were discriminatory towards me as a male. Almost all of them were very supportive and were great. It was only one in Peds and she was horrible. The moral of the story though is that it only takes ONE to ruin your whole nursing education and once they do, there is very little you can do to stop the process. You are railroaded out of the program and the rest of the nurses tend to circle the wagons around the instructor rather than promote a fair process.

    Yes, document everything but the true reality is that an experienced nurse is a master of documentation and privacy. They can run circles around you in documenting even the most minor of errors, real or unreal, and make sure that when they speak to you it is in a secluded area where there are no witnesses. The reality is that the system, at just about every level, is against the student getting a fair treatment once something goes wrong. If they want you out, you are out. I fully support fighting for change and fighting for your rights but just be forewarned... you are fighting a huge system and you are fighting it alone and no probably none of your fellow students are going to help you b/c they aren't going to jeapordize their degrees for you.

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    Well said biltz. Observations frequently posted here and on other nursing sites. "Don't rocketh the nursing school boat", words to live by until degree in hand, license in hand, and first job a fact, not a dream.
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    Do you know which accreditation agency I could go to? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think it is safe to say which school you are talking about. Can you tell me if it is University of Colorado, CON? The school has contacted the Department of Education and want to settle. I am not scared of them at all. I will keep on going until I see some results. I am doing this to pave the way for other future male and minorities nursing students. I know, my other classmates will not talk because they are coward, which is why the nursing culture continues to be the same "nurse eat their young." Sad.