I did see this one coming...


    After the snow day cancelled the exam, and we got an extra week to review, we took the first exam yesterday on OB content.

    The halls were abuzz this morning with all kinds of bad talk. Seems the entire N204 class, ie all sections, did poorly.. Lowest grade was in the 30's and highest was 82. I kept saying this could not be accurate, that it was speculation.

    I felt confident. After all, I'd taken this course before. I had good notes from last time. I studied. I answered plenty of practice questions correctly.

    Imagine my dismay when I find out that I got a 76. Huh? Last time I did this semester I took the exam on this content and freaked out when I ran out of time and left blanks, and I was certain I'd failed. I got an 82. Now here I am with extended time accomodations, taking the test in a distraction free area, confident about my knowledge of the material, and all I can muster was a 76? I got 12 wrong? There were 5 or 6 that seemed sketchy to me and I had to mull over. But 12? Shheeesh.

    People who usually score 90's all got in the 70's and some 68 or so. It makes me think something was wrong with the answer key or something. A glitch that throws the curve down by ten questions or so maybe? I can have an off day, I get that. But the whole soon-to-be graduating class? Seems odd. People who got 30's? 40's? I've been through all of this program and have never seen that before. If those are valid grades, or even if they're not and the school sticks by them, those students are screwed. They're gonna need 90's on the next tests to make it through now. Talk about pressure.

    The school has this new thing called preps class. It's for people who have trouble passing because of language barriers or substandard secondary education. It was started because the school got a gigantic grant that is slated for students from low-income families and underprivledged and minorities. A prep class student got the 82, the highest grade. People are not happy about that.

    I passed. But not by much. And I don't like that. I want a bigger cushion. Put it this way...The last thing I want to worry about now is grades, especially when they were never a concern to me before.

    Let the stress and headaches begin.

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  3. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Relatively speaking, you did fine. Sounds like at least the top 20%, if not top 10%.

    I would keep up the studies and not let one exam that you scored in the top 20% on get you down.

    Good luck, you know we're all routing for you.

  4. by   NurseDaddy2006
    Thanks, Timothy. Kinda puts it into perspective when you look at it that way. I will say though, that today there was a discussion with our professor where she asked if we'd heard that they gave everyone two points because of a bogus question. Well now I got a 78.

    But here's an interesting thing: They don't give every N204 the same test form; there are two. The half they gave the "other" form to did considerably better than the half that got the one I took. Hmm. Doesn't that say something about the quality of the exam when everyone that took the test I took did much worse on that exam than on all previous exams?

    But they're gonna let it ride? Again, I feel bad for the people that used to hover around the passing mark who walked away from this one with 40's. Me? We know I used to get in the 90's as did a few of my classmates - so they say - and they and I walked away from this one with 70's. Something's rotten in them marks...

    I did well in clinical today. Nothing but kudos. I'll post the weekly update after tomorrow's over.