Hey to all...

  1. Yo Guys...

    I'm four months away from being an official (male) nursing student. I just got my letter today letting me know that i have been accepted to the Fall 07 BSN program. Can't wait to start! I've been reading posts for quite sometime on here and finally i get to officially join (raises drink to all).


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  3. by   Scrubz
    Congratulations.. We need more male nurses.. As long as you're a good one though, ..

    My advice.. If you're not already a CNA or tech working at a hospital, then become one, it's one of the best things a student can do and one thing that too many students don't do.
  4. by   CiCigirl
    congrats, mexicarian!!!

  5. by   nycguy
    Congrats Mex,

    It must feel nice knowing that your hard work paid off - you got in! I'm starting an accelerated BSN program this June so we'll be in the same boat soon. Enjoy your free time now and the Summer.

  6. by   Blove86
    I wish I could say I have free time before I start Nursing school this fall, but I have to take 2-3 Pre-reqs trhis summer so I will be a busy guy. I am kind of glad though, I dont want my brain to go on hibernation anyway, lol
  7. by   Mexarican
    Yea, i can't wait!! I'm going to take the pathophysiology class this summer. the program is offering it in the summer for those who don't want to take it with the rest of the Fall class load. I figure the first semester is going to be hard enough w/o adding patho to the mix, if we don't take it in the summer we have to take it in the fall. Plus it lets me get comfortable at my new school while just taking one class...couldn't be any more perfect of a scenario

    Good luck to you all!

  8. by   tbrown1
    Hi Mexarican,

    Congrats on your acceptance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Which Nursing School will you be attending this Fall?
  9. by   labman
    Congrats Mexarican

    This summer do all of the relaxing you can because when you hit that school. Not much of that happens
  10. by   Mexarican
    Hey tbrown...

    I'm going to Brenau University in Gainesville.


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