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  1. Alright, I am a male RN/BSN Student in my last semester doing my leadership rotation. I can't complain, and I am knocking on wood. Since I am only a student, I haven't seen as much as some of you on this board have. So, that puts me at a disadvantage to discuss such topic. As far as my progress goes, if I was kicked out of a room because of my gender, I wouldn't know how to react to it. I can tell you one thing, it's free time for me. The less patients I have the better it's for me, I mean don't get me wrong, but that's just the way it's. Also, think about it, if your patient is that anal or noisy about who cares for her/him, that does not make it easier for your female colleague because she will have a demanding patient.
    And if my supervisor is willing to grant such requests, then I can bring extra copies of GQ to work everyday. Live a little and don't lose your cool!

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  3. by   Hopeslayer
    When I was on the maternity roation, I spent maybe 1 hour on the floor. I was denied any time with the mothers and performed one infant assessment. But, it turned out well as i got to spend alot of time in the ER which I found to be far more interesting.

    Bottom line is, any PT can refuse care from any nurse for any reason, don't take it personal if it happens. Good luck.
  4. by   ewattsjt
    hey, i am currently posting on another topic... interesting facts and observations...my posts deal with the frustration and insult brought to this problem. keep in mind that it is not an everyday occurrence and you are right, it does usually lighten our load. i too would not want to care for a patient that didn't want me there. that would be asking for trouble in more ways than one.

    also, there are a couple of other threads that deals with similar issues.
  5. by   SummerGarden
    Speaking from a non-male perspective, but as a woman of color, I EXPECT some patients to wish to be cared for by someone else. I just started as a student so I too do not have a lot of experience. However, I am in full agreement with having absolutely NOTHING to do with patients that do not want me to care for him/her. In all honesty, that would make my day! :smiletea2:

    Do we have the right to refuse patients? I prefer not to work with a bigot if he/she does not have the guts to inform my instructor that he/she is uncomfortable with me but decides to act like a jerk the entire time I am working with him/her.

    I know I will have difficult patients and I must learn to deal with them so it may not be possible for me to refuse to give care. However, I am asking this question beause I am curious to read responses. Thanks!

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