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Oof, I just got accepted to a nursing program so I went by the department to thank them and ask if there is any way I can sit in on a current class so I know what to expect when I start and then... Read More

  1. by   gonzo1
    And I had always heard the ladies went into nursing to find a doctor husband. Times really have changed. Sounds like someone would like to find a well paid nurse wife.

    I do wish I had found nursing 30 years sooner. I am surrounded by eye candy (firemen, paramedics) and too old and tired to care.
  2. by   psychonaut
    "Keep your mind on your money, and your money on your mind."

    Honestly, I often thought that being married was a great advantage in NS. I would have been way too distracted if I was single, and probably would of gotten myself in trouble of one sort or another (besides students, a couple of very attractive instructors...)

    On the other, hell, go for it, have fun, let us sad-sacks that can't, live vicariously through you.
  3. by   nursestudent1975
    HAHA! I was just curious about this male nursing forum. You guys are hilarious.
  4. by   . Z A C H
    It's a nice change of pace. I worked at a car dealership before and I was sick of being around nothing but dudes all the time. I guess I moved from one extreme end of the spectrum to the other. I like this side better.

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