Baylor FastBacc 2019

  1. Hey is anyone applying for the May 2019 Fast Bacc at Baylor?

    I'm taking the Hesi soon and the TEAS, for other programs I'm looking at. Just wanted to see who's all looking at applying.

    Best of Luck to Everyone!
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  3. by   roamingnome
    I am! Just took the HESI today
  4. by   runnin_murse
    I take the Hesi in the next couple of weeks. Are you applying before Aug 15?
  5. by   sunflowerseeds11
    Hey everyone! I'm thinking of applying but haven't taken the HESI yet. How did you guys study for the exam?
    Good luck!
  6. by   runnin_murse
    I've studied a few ways..

    5-7 math problems a night from varied sources
    I bought a study guide and pulled those questions into a quizlet database
    Got a few practice exams and working 10 or so questions from the sections I struggle in
    Also I'm in micro and chem right now so I count that as studying as well.

    Best of Luck! I take the exam August 1.

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