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Hey is anyone applying for the May 2019 Fast Bacc at Baylor? I'm taking the Hesi soon and the TEAS, for other programs I'm looking at. Just wanted to see who's all looking at applying. Best of... Read More

  1. by   roamingnome
    Ya, I was told Oct 1 if you had your interview before Labor Day.
  2. by   runnin_murse
    Hey ya'll, I had interviewed this previous Monday and they said that they were reviewing applications this week for everyone up to this point.
  3. by   kc415
    I just got an email for the decisions! I got in! Hope you all did as well!
  4. by   akelly10
    I got my acceptance today as well! I can't wait to meet everyone! Good luck to those of you who are still waiting!
  5. by   roamingnome
    I got my acceptance as well!!
    Congrats everyone!!
  6. by   actemple
    I got accepted yesterday also! Looking forward to meeting you all!!
  7. by   MKS2019
    Congrats to everyone who got in! I just sent in my application after taking the HESI this morning. Super excited!
  8. by   j24og
    I received acceptance as well but am waiting to hear from UT Health Pacesetter in Houston before I accept. Congrats everyone!
  9. by   runnin_murse
    Congrats to everyone who was accepted! Best of luck to those applying and waiting on other responses. I received notice on Monday and just sent back my documents.

    Looking forward to meeting ya'll!

    Also, I know previous groups have set up a closed group on FB. I'll set one up between now and this weekend. Send me a pm to be added in.
  10. by   roamingnome
    Not sure how to send a PM here, but let us know what it's called! thanks!
  11. by   runnin_murse
    Hey, it's called "Baylor Fastbacc 2019"
  12. by   Kdieuto
    Hello! I was wondering if Baylor calculates their own prerequisite GPA? I didn't see one calculated by NursingCAS, and I'm hoping they focus more on my prerequisite GPA than the rest of my undergraduate career!
  13. by   MKS2019
    I have my interview tomorrow! Super excited.

    And to the person above me:
    They only look at your prerequisite cumulative GPA and your cumulative science GPA. They don't care about anything else!

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