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Of the 23 other students comprising the group that I entered nursing school with, three of them are men. The class that is graduating at the end of next week I believe has 1 male student, and as far... Read More

  1. by   lab211
    I graduated yesterday, May 10,2009. I am only a few years your junior, male.
    This is my second health professional degree,2 B.S. in the health care field now.
    My other profession has helped sustained me for over 20 years. In today's nursing market, it does not look good for me right now. Even though I work as a health technician at a hospital, I don't have a new graduate nurse job because of their "freeze" ( the same for some 8 hospitals in this area). I know it is discouraging, keep on working hard for you have only a year left!! I at times wanted to give up, I persevered, graduated with faith keeps me going.
  2. by   CJ19
    I'm 27 going as a 2nd bachelor's degree student. You'll find alot of people going back because of layoffs but it seems like most guys care too much about what people have to say about them choosing nursing as a career when they're 18 so you'll find the few male students to be slightly older, imo.
  3. by   octechADN10
    I am 20, and the youngest of 4 males in the nursing program.
  4. by   HumorHeals22
    I'm 25, doing pre-req's. I'll be around 26 when I enter a program.
  5. by   HumorHeals22
    Quote from donster
    Nursing school was MY midlife crisis! I graduate in a couple of weeks at the age of 51.
    Haaha, right on man! Congrats to you!
  6. by   GQue1911
    I'm 25, I start my accelerated BSN program in Aug. My younger brother is 19, he starts his LPN program in Jan. There has only been one to two other males in my preq classes and they were doing PA programs.
  7. by   Zjinn
    I'll be graduating in the fall at age 40. My wife and I are going through together, as a second career, so I'm probably having a little different experience than most men in nursing school.

    Out of a class of 72, we have 12 men ranging from ages 21 to 39. This a record number of men in a single graduating class for our school. It's actually made class a lot of fun to have this many men in there. We're kind of the special ed. group.
  8. by   PacoUSA
    I'm 39 (turning 40 next month) and just started the first of my prereqs last week (A&P, which I took already 20 years ago but my intended BSN program wants it completed within last 7 years). Hope to enter an accelerated BSN next May at age 40 and graduate the following May @ age 41. By the time I receive successful NCLEX results (fingers crossed) and start "RNing" I should be 42.

    BTW, I plan to retire @ 75 ... God willing my health continues well
  9. by   jean36
    i am 37 years old, entered nursing school at 33 in rural texas, in a class of 65, with more than 75% less than 30 years old,3 men, by graduation, just two guys of us walked. after 2 years on the floor, i’ll be back in school for fnp beginning fall far from the school administration, i am the only guy in a class of 17, but this time age ranges from 25-53 with more than 60% above 35 years.
  10. by   leqwedz
    hi,i just turned 25 April..and in the middle of my one yr term as the
    when i sit for my NCLEX-PN..I'll have just turned 26...then hope to settle down.
  11. by   meandsere
    I am 35, the other two guys are 39 and 28
  12. by   doesdad
    Ok, here is a question guys............. Good health and mentally sharp a given, what are the advantages or disadvantages to being an older (35-55) male nursing student?
  13. by   Mossback
    Quote from doesdad
    Ok, here is a question guys............. Good health and mentally sharp a given, what are the advantages or disadvantages to being an older (35-55) male nursing student?
    I'm 58 and am going to start a BSN program in the fall. I got my first degree at age 20, so I have a basis for comparison as far as the young/old thing goes. Based on my experience in pre-req classes, the advantages of being older include a better sense of organization, greater emotional maturity, much improved time management, better study skills, and far fewer distractions in my life. The disadvantage is that a few brain cells have probably disappeared in the last few decades.

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