1. After what felt like forever waiting, which in reality was only about 2 months, I received my acceptance letter for the fall semester! Now the adventure begins with getting everything ready for that journey.
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  3. by   seahawksfanguy
    Congrats my friend. i think all of us new male acceptancees will be pretty close in a few years. Cant wait for this get er done!
  4. by   hodgieRN
  5. by   nccna
    Good luck on your studies!
  6. by   CalemoEKG
    congrats!! I graduate next week. It went by so freaking fast. You will be done before you know it.
  7. by   lttype
    Congrats to which school did you get accepted?
  8. by   215dean
    Im about to start my third semester. Made it through Pharmacology, that class sucked, nothing but flashcards baby. So far I LOVE nursing school, Ive had some really sick pt's and some walkie-talkies, held the hand of a little old lady who was comming to grips with hospice care. This is hard work and a lot of fun. Your nursing school friends will be friends for life.
    Enjoy your time.
  9. by   BandZero
    I just received my letter today from TNCC. I got accepted!!!!
  10. by   Drakeheart
    I was accepted into the ADN program at Pearl River Community College, in Poplarville, MS. I know this is going to be a major change in how I am use to school. I have always been the type that could breeze through class with out even cracking my books out side of the classroom. I have no delusions that I can do the same in this case. Guess it's time to start learning how to actually study.

    And congrats to everyone else that has been accepted as well!