33 Days left, but who's counting!

  1. ME, that's who.

    Tired of this number of weeks thing and feeling the need to make up lame rhymes. So, after week TEN, or is it ELEVEN (counting the week off for break), I'm resorting to counting the days.

    So now there's 33 days left until the day after the final.

    Today it felt like I was doing my clincal rotation at Sears... at every turn there was a wrench in the works. Funny, a Friday the 13th is usually my luckiest day. I'll spare you all the fine details of how meds wound up held, not held, held, then late, then refused, then pt decides she wants less. And just how does one give IV meds with no IV access on the patient? Oh my achin head. Then I was told to write a note in the chart as to what she got, and I had it in mind to do it, but before I could, pt and chart were wheeled off the floor to get a pic line placed. That resulted in the instructor not being too happy. Primary nurse said she'd take care of the progress note. This was the last day of the rotation, and in my end of rotation summary, the instructor wrote a bunch of generic stuff about how I provided safe care and meds to multiple patients, but then added that I needed to focus on timely documentation. I'm trying not to get too hung up on it, but I need to just let it go. I think I need a nice glass of wine. Luckily a friend of ours invited me and my son over for an afternoon playdate, some take-out, and some wine. I'm really tired, but we're going.

    There's a test on Tuesday, so I'll be reading through my notes over the weekend. I got a 92 on it last time, so I'm not worried.

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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Nice. As odd as your post sounded you seemed to have a descent clinical day, at least from what I hear from fourth semester students. Keep up the good work you are almost done!!! :spin: