Making move to HHA, need help understanding if I can afford this move

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I am making the switch to Home Health after 16yrs of Critical Care and past 18 yrs of being Regional Director and DON in Skilled Nursing facilities. I need a little of my life back, tired of the 24/7 responsibilities. I have 10 years of case management for a small private HH (which I am still working for). I have been given offers of 90.30 for SOC, ROC, recerts. Recerts 62.50, d/c=50.50 and IV visits 55.40. PTO is pd at 33.75 which seems low. I had another offer that was laid out like this: 35.00 per hr and if did 27 hrs of facetime visits got that rate for 40 hrs but if fell to 24 hrs got pd 35/hr for hrs done and not the 40 hrs. In this senerio SOC/ROC= 2.5hrs, revisits=1 hr and d/c 0.25. If went to home and was declined 0.25hr. This is all so confusing to me. I was making 128,000 as DON but had no life. I know I will make less but is it possible to earn 90-100 thousand once efficient? Or should I pick up an additional agency job? This is scary but Case Management is my passion and I plan to take the cert exam in December so want more experience. How realistic or unrealistic am I being? I have 3 more interviews before I have to decide. Has anyone ever negotiated a higher rate? Thanks!

I was making 68,000-70,000 per year in last 3 Home Health jobs as FT Case Manager/Field RN. This was 3 years ago.

I don't know how much extra you can do but don't think you will be anywhere near your previous salary.

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I think it depends on what part of the country you are working in. I work with an RN that is experienced and efficient. She does over 6 figures a year but she is very efficient. I am nearing the end of my working life and take it pretty easy. I earn about 60K.

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