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how to make yourself more marketable?

What are some actions one could take as a new grad to make themselves more marketable? ( I start my ADN program in January, and wanna get a jump on this! lol)

Seeing that many jobs require ACLS, PALS etc certification, I plan on getting some of those. I also am trying to get a volunteer position at the major hospital here, networking!!!

Any ideas are appreciated!

Work as a tech or cna while in nursing school and network. I would also suggest doing an externship in the area you want to work in. The most important thing is getting your foot in the door and making yourself and internal applicant.


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I think volunteering would be a good idea. Save the ACLS for after you've had some patient contact. I mean, that's not just a certification, that's some SERIOUS stuff! :)

Do you know which unit you would like to work on? If so you should definately find tech or CNA work on that unit in the hospital you would like to work at. This will not only give you a head start in getting a job, but it will make nursing school 10 times easier. Also, I know nursing programs are hard to get into, I had to wait 2 years, but if you can do a BSN program instead of an ADN you will save yourself lots of time in the long run AND that will also give you a head start on getting a job.

Also, save the certifications for after the program.


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