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I have been a nurse for 2 years, Operating Room for 1 and an ICU for the another. I am moving to a new state and will be starting a new ICU job. Does anyone have any advice for making a good impression at this new job? I have experience, but I only have 1 year ICU experience. I don't want to let my new team down by being the new hire that sucks but I also I want to show them I know a few things without coming across as a know it all. Learning new things comes easily to me, but interpersonal skills are much more difficult.

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They'll probably figure out what you know and what you don't know without too much difficulty, so I wouldn't suggest going too far out of your way to show them.

Be friendly. Have a good work ethic. Offer to help out other nurses having a tough day. Find out about how they do things at your new job. Asking smart questions is often better for your image than providing smart answers.


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While you have a year of ICU experience, that still makes you pretty new in the grand scheme of things. Last thing you want to do is be the new person who seems like a "know it all" or isn't willing to listen or learn. (Not saying this is you).

This is the hardest thing coming with experience to a new unit. Just take it all in and be a sponge. A lot of things are going to be quite different than where you came from. MANY more will be the same. Nursing is nursing after all.

At the end of the day, be open and receptive to new ways of doing things. If someone is showing you something you already know, let them show you or explain to you. Show people you know what you are doing through your action and your collaboration with others when they need help. Don't worry or let it bother you if you a hearing something or having something explained to you as if you "don't know what you're doing." This isn't the case as no one really will know you yet or what you are capable of.

I just wanted to update everyone. I'm loving my new job, I'm fitting in well. I was really nervous at first, but I got along easily with my preceptor, got taken off orientation early and getting invited to join in unit activities. Thank you for the advice ?



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TY for the comeback. It's nice to know how things turn out for posters.


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Do you have any advice now for someone in your 'old' shoes?? I am starting a new SICU job in t-8 weeks and my only experience is IR. I'm excited but also terrified. I've never done bedside nursing (other than some assistive shifts during covid surges and my residency) so I essentially feel like a new grad. I have 1.5 years of experience.


Definitely what the others said to me at the start of this post, be a humble sponge to what your preceptor is showing you. Since you are changing specialties you are going to be brand new (and that is okay!). My guess is that your unit educator will have an education packet available for you, look through that and go over the material in your free time.