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Makati Medical Center CARE 2015


Hello guys! I would just like to ask if anybody was called for an exam this 2015? Thank you in advance :)

Took the IQ/personality exams and HR interview last May, but heard nothing from them yet. HR said there are no openings as of that time I was interviewed.

There is no opening for a staff nurse position. There are still 3 batches that are for manpooling. They already stop their screening process as of the moment. The first three batches were asked for another position instead.

Hi fellow nurses. I'm new here. Is anyone here still waiting for their start on the CARE program of makatimed and done with all the requirements since april? A lot of opportunites are opening especially that most hospitals are accepting trainees for the month of august but some needs training fees. I'm really having a hard time deciding. How about you guys? Does anyone here knows if makatimed is now hiring nurses or not?

yes. mmc is hiring. I heard that they have another batch of CARE trainees this august. try completing your requirements. they don't collect fees for their training program.

Hi! Can I please know how did you start with the application? Thank you!

Hey Guys! Can you please let me know how did you start with the application?

Did you send a resume online or filled up an application form or applied personally?

Thank you so much in advance for your help! :)

Im scheduled for an exam on 21 not sure for what position because it was not indicated. Confused because I am currently a hemodialysis nurse for a month now in pangasinan. I wasnt sure anymore if they will text me as I passed on may..I do have an 80 above board rating and come from a top school in Manila. I decided based on others advice to just take the exam and give it a shot. Nothing lost...I do hope that if accepted though that it is a sure thing because it would be devastating if I resigned and then nothing happens...

yes. mmc is hiring. I heard that they have another batch of CARE trainees this august. try completing your requirements. they don't collect fees for their training program.

Hello orangemouth! Are they still hiring for nurses? And is it required for the board rating is should be 80 and above? Thanks! :)

Hi guys,

MMC HR invited me for an interview and exam on Monday, Oct. 19. [they indicated it's english, iq, math and nursing [technical] test]

I applied initially by sending my resume and filled out application form(from their website)thru email at Recruitment@makatimed.net.ph - I emailed them on aug 19 and they responded Oct13. Do any of you know if they directly hire these days? or this is the CARE program? I really don't have any idea I just gave it a try. Any comments will be appreciated. thanks much!

MMC do not hire directly, the training ( Care Program; 6 weeks) is compulsory, only then after you pass the evaluation will you be on probationary. How was your exam and interview?

Fortunately I passed the exams and interviews.:) They have endorsed me for medical now. HR said the CARE program prbly will start this November or January Next year depending on the number of qualified applicants. They just asked us to finish the medical and we'll take it from there. Here's how the recruitment went:

1. Initial Exam (timed english, math and IQ test)

2. Personality Test and completion of employment application form

3. Written Exam (nursing related, board exam type)

4. Initial Interview

5. Panel Interview (departmental interview with nurse educators)

6. Endorsement for Medical

*Obviously, you cant proceed with the next step without passing the one before that.

Congrats, Im also done with the process and now completing my requirements. See you at the training! í ½í¸Š

Do you know how much the unifroms cost at mmc?

As far as I remember, white uniform for CARE costs 900php per pair.

Godbless colleagues! Congrats to those who passed. :D

Hi. Do you know any clinic/hospital that offers affordable hep b vaccination?