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maintenance suboxone dose and tpapn. how long before it clears form your system

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Im have to enroll in tpapn and have been on maitenance dose of suboxone. Im trying to taper off to get off of it completely. what do i tell tpapn. i need to work soon. been out of work for over 1 year because i relocated to houston. I'm afraid they won't let me work right away. i was working in my previous state while under a recovery program and under subooxone because they allowed it. is it really difficult to get off suboxone. and how long does it show up in a urine test for sub after you get off of it? also does anyone know what the hourly rate is here in houston now in 2009. they offered me a job for $28 an hour by a dialysis clinic. i have 9 years expr in er and was making much more than that in my previous state. is this a fair rate??? any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Tpapn does not allow you to be on suboxone. There are many many drugs that you are not allowed to take and work while in tpapn.

I suggest calling tpapn. The assistants that answer the phone are very helpful and will answer your questions or give you to someone that will. They want to help you if you want to help yourself. That is key.. you must want to help yourself.

Pay in Houston really depends on your experience and the area that you will be working in. More money is to be made in critical care areas of course.. Most places will offer you the salary that is on their graph with the years experience.

For a dialysis clinic with no experience in dialysis, $29 sounds about right. Now if you had a few years of dialysis experience, I think it would be a little more.

As far as how long suboxone takes to clear the system,, there is not much information on the internet about this.. and of course this site does not give advice on this.. so it would be best not to ask here.

thanks. sorry, i didn't realize that I was indeed asking for medical advice. I read somewhere on one of the threads that tpapn takes sub cases on a one to one basis. but i don't think that this is correct info. anyway. I have been tapering down on suboxone because i want to work and because I want to be done already with pills. I don't want to be dependent on them ever again. I started a monitoring program in my home state and did 1 1/2years. Then i relocated here because of family. I'm hoping I get credit for that time. I have been clean/sober (except from sub) for 2 years and 7 months. do you think tpapn will give me credit for that time? I hope this is ok to ask here