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I am at a point of my college career where I will be taking nothing but nursing courses this fall. The nursing program at my school only has classes during the day which means I will no longer be able to work. However, I am student will real responsibilities such as mortgage, car notes, utilities, etc. and will need to work to maintain my livilihood. Are there any of you who had to deal with this type of adversity? How did you overcome it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


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Student Loans. If you can fit it in, you could work double shifts on the weekends...that's what I did. Darn near killed me though


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I agree with the student loans- get all you can. Either they can be written off in the future, or the institution that hires you as a nurse will contract with you to pay them off. Have you considered going PRN for now?

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I had to take out extra loans. I am also externing, but that's not a whole lot of money coming in because I can't put in many hours. If you have to work, try weekends like redshiloh said. Your weeknights will often have you doing paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork.


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student loans, financial aid, and really going cheap. I have become the queen of bargain everything. It has been hard living off a very meager one person income, but almost done with 45 days until graduation.


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Loans... you can find some that are not "need" based if you dont qualify. Usually higher interest rates though... but you do what you have to do.

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You mean you have a life BESIDES nursing school? Geez, don't tell your instructors; they will double the paper work! ;)

Just kidding; but it does seem like the more you have to do outside of nursing school, the more the instructors do pile on!

Do apply for student loans and grants. The money is there and trying o work full time and go to school does kill a person after awhile (been there, done that).

The other thing is definitely try to live cheap while in school. So many times I see young people who are still in school and living beyond their means (my own 2 kids are also guilty of this). It's not necessary to go out and buy a $3000 big screen TV when you are in school (don't laugh; I saw this recently!). That money would have paid for a lot of text books or even a bunch of courses for that student.


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Great question. I'm in similar situation. Single mom, sole income, no family support.

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