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  1. Hi, I just wanted to start a thread for the upcoming traditional application cycle for USM. I am applying from Denver, Colorado. Would love to get in touch with some other applicants.
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  3. by   SoontobeRN123
    Hey there! I am originally from Maine, but now living and working as an RN in Denver, CO! Funny! I did USMs accelerated BSN program. What are you looking to know?

    Portland is a great little city! I miss it lots, to be completely honest. Maine Medical Center is likely where you will have most of your clinical placements throughout nursing school - its a large teaching hospital and thought to be one of the best hospitals in the state. Lots of high-acuity patients. You'll be exposed to quite a bit at MMC. USMs program is pretty good overall! As with any nursing program, there are pros and cons.

    Good luck with your application! I hope you get in and love the area just as as much as I do!
  4. by   COMountaineer88
    Good evening, thank you for your response. How are you liking Denver? I have lived here for most of my life. How was the pace of the accelerated program? I have my degree in biology but just applied to the traditional program. If I don't get in, I'll apply to the accelerated. I am hoping I get into USM, I have always dreamed of moving to Maine. USM seems like a good fit. Do you know the general acceptance rate for the traditional and/or accelerated program?
  5. by   mountainclimber
    Hi there, I applied as a transfer for USM nursing. I have a prior BS but missed the application deadline for the ABSN program. I just got word via mail that I was admitted to USM with a scholarship, but still need to wait to hear from the nursing admissions committee whether I was accepted to the nursing program. It's going to be tough waiting until April to hear back! I would love to move to Portland, Maine. I am also from out of state, currently West Coast based.
  6. by   eshell
    I applied for the fall of 2016 and recently got my acceptance letter into the nursing program as a transfer student. Are you hoping to get into a specific cohort or start as a freshman? I live in New Hampshire right now. I have been to Portland a handful of times and love it. However, I will be going to the Lewiston-Auburn Campus. I hope you hear from them soon!
  7. by   COMountaineer88
    I applied for fall 2016 as a transfer student. I have not received anything yet. When did you get your letter? I was expecting to receive something in May, but I guess they were able to send them out earlier than they anticipated. I hope to hear from them soon too. This was my first choice campus and I have been declined at the other programs. :/
  8. by   eshell
    I received it probably a couple days ago. I got mine back from all of my schools rather quick. But I also live closer so that might affect it. I know they said they should all be sent out in mid-may. I wish you luck.
  9. by   COMountaineer88
    My mail gets sent to my mom's house about an hour away from where I live. I called her and she said she received something in the mail from USM yesterday, she is opening it for me when she gets home in about 5 hours....anticipation!! Maybe the offers of admissions are getting sent out earlier? Hope it's good news!
  10. by   COMountaineer88
    My mom went home early for me to read it.....I was accepted!!!
  11. by   eshell
    That is wonderful news, congratulations! Do you know what campus you will be on? Did it say anything about cohort? Mine was pretty minimal in the amount of information it contained, I am hoping to get more information soon. Either way I look forward to seeing you in Maine!
  12. by   COMountaineer88
    Thank you! I've applied 4 years in a row to multiple programs, unsuccessfully, until now! I was accepted at the Lewiston-Auburn location. Not much information was given. I payed my deposit. My fiancé and I will be coming from Colorado.
  13. by   eshell
    Awesome. Just a heads up I hear some spots of Lewiston/Auburn can be sketchy (I've never been myself, just from others in the area) so just be careful where you rent/buy from. But I also hear the campus is really nice.
  14. by   mountainclimber
    Hey all, I was also accepted to the Lewiston Auburn campus. I was also accepted to the ABSN at the University of Maine Fort Kent, so am now trying to figure out which school to attend between the two. USM gave me a substantial transfer scholarship, which I believe would make it cheaper than UMFK— in fact, it would make it very affordable. However, at UMFK I would be done with school in only a year or so, as opposed to two. I ultimately want to be an FNP, so I want to get my BSN with some haste to get some work experience before the FNP! Unfortunately it seems that USM does not offer many nursing courses in the summer, so I wouldn't be able to graduate sooner by taking clinicals in the summer.

    I was hoping to attend USM in Portland, rather than the LAC. I am wondering if we have the option of taking classes/clinicals there, or if we are limited to LAC. Additionally, I have not received an evaluation of my transfer credits, so am still waiting to make sure they accept my prereqs from my prior bachelor's degree.

    Congrats all!

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