USM accelerated BSN May 2011

  1. Hi everyone! I have been a lurker for some time and just now have a real reason to post I was recently accepted to USM's accelerated BSN program beginning May 2011. I have one prerequisite to finish prior to starting and I am taking an excelsior exam to fulfill it- anatomy and physiology! I have been a high school teacher for years and I have taught this courae but I never actually took the course while an undergrad. Needless to say, I will be studying my tail off and taking the practice exam probably in march. I am wondering if, by any chance, anyone else in maine will be taking this test soon and could use a study partner.

    I also wanted to know if anyone else is in the program, or better yet- starting when I do! It would be great to make some connections prior to starting (and it might help calm my nerves!) I haven't been a student since 2006 and that was in education... so nothing close. The last time I took a science course even was 2004!

    Anyway.. thanks for reading. Hopefully I can meet someone
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  3. by   sammie123
    I was so excited to see your post, Congrats on your acceptance!!! I to was accepted to the USM accelerated program starting May 2011. I am a current student at USM graduating with a Business degree in May. I took A&P a few years ago. I am taking patho this spring along with my last business courses to lighten my summer load. I am nervous as well, it is going to be an intense 15 months!!
  4. by   idget16
    So I have a confession- I have never actually visited the USM campus. But my family will not be moving for me to attend school so my options were UNE, USM, and SMCC or YCC. I did the research and chose USM. Now since I already sent my deposit I should get around to visiting campus! lol. Congrats to your acceptance as well. Maybe as we get closer more people will see this and we can all get together or something prior to May
  5. by   greygooseuria
    I did the program and graduated in 2009. I'm currently in their MSN program. If you have any questions, let me know.
  6. by   EAGLCPC
    hi, i just saw the posts about the accelerated nursing program. i will be starting in may 2011, as well. i am looking forward to it although it is daunting! i am currently taking a & p ii right now. the finals are the week before this program starts! i wish there was a little more of a break. anyway, it would be great to hear from anyone else who will be starting at the same time.
  7. by   JayMaineNurseToBe
    Hi there USM Accelerated students! I found this thread and was hoping I could ask you about your experience in the program thus far? (Or anyone else who graduated earlier from the accel. program too of course). I was recently accepted for a May 2012 start and I am trying to figure out how I'll do with the really aggressive coarseload and just the program as a whole. Please, any and all insight you feel like sharing would be very much appreciated!
    Thanks so much!
  8. by   dshvets
    Hello guys!!!! I am super super super interested in getting into USM's accelerated nursing program, however I am quite worried about my chances of getting in as everything that I have read online states that getting accepted is SUPER difficult and that only about 30 of 200 applicants get in.... SO for those of you that have been accepted could you possibly post and give me an idea of what your credentials are like? What was your undergraduate degree? How long has it been since you obtained that degree? What was your undergraduate GPA?.... I have a Biochemistry B.S. from Purdue with a 3.7 gpa. I still need to take Anatomy and Physio and will take Micro to strengthen my app. Any ideas of how likely it is that I may or may not get accepted?

  9. by   idget16
    Hi everyone! Just an update- I graduated in August from the USM accelerated BSN program and am now employed

    To answer the questions- my previous credentials- BS in biology, MEd in education both from a small private school, taught high school science (bio, chem, a&p among others) for 4 years. Previous GPA of around a 3.8. I never took micro at all.. but I did have an ind study on my transcript doing micro stuff one on one with a prof. I also didn't take the excelsior A&P exam until after getting accepted. I had some great letters of reference though, and I *think* a 4.0 or close to it in my science classes.

    Your credentials sound great! I bet you get in It is a challenging program- I studied more than I ever did before. I lived in the library during my free time. I consumed lots of coffee. But, I learned a LOT, made some great friends that I still see, and I felt like I really earned that degree!