Single Dad of three nursing school?

  1. Hello Allnurses community. I'm 32 year old father of 3. I have 50/50 custody of my children. I'm planning on going to Maine college of Health Professionals Nursing program for fall of 2017. I have done about 10 years of research and this will be a career change for me. My question is anyone who might of had a situation like my self. I have child support, day care and life expenses. I also have access to the Post 911 GI bill which will basically pay the majority of my school costs. I did attend southern Maine Tech college back in the early 2000s and did poorly as a young and dumb 18 year old. Now I have grown up and am now ready to commit fully to school. Will my poor GPS from 2001 keep me out of nursing school? Is this even going to be possible? I mean full time school...working some how at least part time to pay for stuff....any input anyone could give me I would love to hear. I'm very passionate about making this life change. Thank you again....
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  3. by   NYbabyRN
    I know many people who have a poor GPA from attempts to go to college when they were young and not very focused. Go back to school for your pre-requisites for nursing, this is your chance to show you are a different student now then you were years ago. I believe it is a possibility if you get good grades with your pre-reqs for nursing and demonstrate the nursing school(s) that you are applying to that you are focused, passionate, and committed to becoming a nurse. Many have been in your shoes, you have hope, good luck!
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    Hello thank you for the reply. I have spoken with the admissions team at Maine College for Health Professionals and it was real encouraging. They do take life experience into account with admissions. I have done a lot of growing up and have the right reasons for this career change. Not only do I think I would be lucky to be accepted but I'm at the point in my life where the school would be lucky to have me. I will bring a lot of positive energy and be an advocate for the school in any way possible. I know I will be committed to my education 100%. I'm truly excited to start my journey.
  5. by   chivon101
    I know some some schools in Texas offer a fresh start program. It eliminates your entire records if it's older than 10years. That means nothing you have taken will count towards the new degree and you will have to begin from stretch. If you obtained a degree previously then you do not quality. I'm not sure if all schools are the same or if they all offer this program.
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    That is something to look into maybe. I had not though of this. My credit were all from 2002 fall and 2003 spring.