Questions about CMMC

  1. I've been wondering if there are any CMMC graduates or current attendee's on the board?

    I am taking my pre req's at UMA now and am contemplating applying to CMMC.

    They appear to be accredited and you come out with an associates degree so that doesn't seem to be a problem. I wonder if you go on for your bachelors it those credits transfer in. I assume they must be I hate to assume anything as important as this.

    My main focus is getting my associates anyway so any advance course work is well off into the future.

    I would be applying for the 2008 or 2009 year depending on how quickly I complete my pre req's.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or concerns on this?

    Thank you

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  3. by   Freedom42
    Both Central Maine Medical Center and Central Maine Community College have articulation programs with the University of Southern Maine, which means nursing credits earned at those schools will be accepted by USM. Whether that guarantees admission to USM's BSN program, however, I do not know.
  4. by   mischabelle
    I am also thinking about applying to CMMC. I am a CNA and am taking prerequisites at usm. I'm wondering about the Kaplan test that you have to take in order to get in. What is it? What do I need to do to prepare for it? Can any one tell me what kinds of things it will be asking me?