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  1. I will be relocating in the spring/summer of 2006 and am trying to decide the location. I now live back in Wisconsin after having tried Massachusetts. I prefer the smaller, not tiny places close to bigger urban area..(Trying to combine two different living lifestyles :chuckle ) I am now working in what is basically nursing infomatics with an emphasis on hemodynamic monitoring systems for the cath lab. I have experience in the cath/EP lab, pediatric ICU, and small town ER. Any information on good hospitals, preferably larger ones, would be appreciated.

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  3. by   CarpeDiem2004
    I'm a native cheesehead. I moved to Maine about 10 years ago and have been very happy here. I think the weather is very similar and Maine has the added bonus of the ocean and mountains.

    I live in central Maine (near Lewiston/Auburn). Close enough to Portland to take the easy drive down for shopping or events, and far enough away to avoid big city issues. Some of the largest hospitals in Maine are Maine Medical Center in Portland, Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, and Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor. There are a number of smaller hospitals scattered throughout the state. Each of the larger hospitals I mentioned has a pretty good reputation. They have cath labs and open heart programs.

    I guess I'm partial to the smaller hospitals though. I guess in my experience, I've felt more like an individual and less like one of the masses at the smaller hospitals where I've worked. I worked at St. Luke's Hospital in Milwaukee (1990-1993) and while I learned a lot and worked with some wonderful people, I've come to prefer the more personal feeling I get working at a smaller hospital.

    Good luck with your search.