Nursing Students and Central Line Blood Draws

  1. I'm looking for feed back from the community here. A student was recently dismissed from our ADN program for performing a central line blood draw under the direct supervision of a staff nurse. She was told she violated school policy, but I can't find any policy that states that skill is not to be performed. She also had no due process or warning that dismissal was being considered. Many people in my class are now concerned because we do not know what is allowed and what is not. Another student in my class was giving a patient an inhaler during clinical. She scanned the bar code. It came up "wrong patient, wrong medication." She overrode the warning and gave the med anyway. She was put on probation. She is under 40. Our program seems to single people out and then finds reasons via clinicals to expel them. I am worried because most of the people dismissed from my class (we started with 33, we are down to 24) have been 40 or over. I am an older student and feel like I'm being targeted. Any comments? I think the blood draw person is hiring an attorney, but I'm not sure of this.
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  3. by   Mc2182
    I do not know about the policy, however, I will say I drew off centrals and picks and administered meds in school as well as took out PICC's... I wouldn't get too caught up in the "discrimination" part of the program, it's highly unlikely. Good luck.