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anyone here taken (or plans on taking) the associate degree nursing program at southern maine community college? what was your experience? i'm enrolled right now in a cna course, but would like to... Read More

  1. by   MaineEMT2RN
    Excellent info here! I'm starting the SMCC program at YCCC in September and I have a question for those who have completed their 1st semester. Everyone says that it's brutal, so I'm expecting that. But can you tell me more about exactly what makes it so much tougher than all the school work up to this point? How many students in your cohort at the beginning and how many actually completed the program?

    I spoke to someone this past weekend who only finished the 1st semester before quitting and said that the instructors were brutal, that they made her feel stupid for asking questions, etc. Generally, that they weren't supportive and expected students to behave as if in basic training. (As a matter of fact, she said that the instructors had military backgrounds and that's how they ran the program.)

    It sounded like sour grapes to me, so I'd like to hear from those of you who have already made it through that 1st semester in one piece. Also, any words of wisdom about how to be prepared would be great. Unwritten things that you wished you had known before you started, etc.)

    I'm a 4.0 student with lots of hands on patient experience, but I'm starting to get nervous.
  2. by   critical thinker
    Hello out there, this question is for any SMCC graduates, I am finishing the second semester, and still hanging on by my teeth, grade now hinges on the final. Last semester I found that our final was "easier"(if you will) than the rest of the scheduled exams, any thoughts on the second semester final? (maternity and med-surge) Thanks
  3. by   zacsmimi
    SMCC is a good program, and VERY intense. Hard to work, too, but it can be done if you are a strong student. Central Maine's is similar... no where is easy to get in unless you have a lot of pre-reqs under your belt... the poster was right about having the BSN done before the ADN with their waiting list... but if you decide you want it, none of that should slow you down. DO read ALL the details, know them by heart.
    PS CNA ALWAYS helps in nursing school!
  4. by   WIGGIES_future.rn
    I'm interested in SMCC because it has campus housing at a community college and it has a high pass rate...Can I get some recent advice on the school from anyone??I plan to go for a year and then transfer to a university nearby