Maine Hospital--Help

  1. I am currently looking at the Bangor area. The research I have done, on Google, has shown me Eastern Maine medical center has a higher turnover rate. Is this true?
    I am also interested in Penn Bay hospital and living in the rockland/Camden area.

    I am definitely open to any and all suggestions. Basically I'm overwhelmed at this point!!

    About what I'm looking for ::

    -I am in my 20 and just completed RN-BSN school
    -I wish to live in an apartment (hopefully fairly close to work)
    - It will be me alone
    - I will need a new grad orientation period
    - I want to be close to amenities and "downtown activities"

    Thank you
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  3. by   Lola Lou
    Saint Joseph Hospital is a large hospital that is also located in Bangor. If you're interested in mental health nursing, Acadia Hospital is located in Bangor as well.
  4. by   Wilhelmainah
    Eastern Maine Medical is the second highest paying hospital in the state of Maine with new grads starting at 28 and change an hour, + weekend and overnight shift dif. They have a new grad program, are union and are trying to end the frequent turn over that has been happening. If you come from out of state there is a good chance you would be able to get a 7,500$ moving bonus as well. Rent is also very affordable. I hope you apply!