Lincoln Maine interview

  1. I have an interview at a facility in Lincoln Maine on monday. Just curious what the area is like? I visited Maine 32 years ago and am sure it has changed some.
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  3. by   snowfreeze
    I accepted the job!!! Small town Maine here I come.
  4. by   miss_anneRN
    congrats!!!! Is the town Lincoln, or is it in Lincoln County??
  5. by   snowfreeze
    The town is Lincoln, Penobscot county. It is about 45 minutes north of Bangor.
  6. by   miss_anneRN
    I think my father in law grew up in Lincoln.
    I'll have my hubby refresh my memory.:Snowman1:
    When do you start?
    No snow yet in midcoast maine!! Cold enough though!!!
  7. by   canoehead

    I'm in Dexter, and have worked in Dover, Pittsfield, St Joe's, EMMC and Acadia.

    It's snowing today, bring your snow tires.
  8. by   snowfreeze
    I start Dec 17. I am getting a 4WD vehicle and giving my old rear wheel drive car to my son.
    I am looking forward to skiing.
  9. by   snowfreeze
    I arrived in Lincoln on Dec 15th, big snow storm the next day. The apartment I was supposed to be in had a water leak and lots of damage so I spent 3 days in a motel and now I am in a nice house. It just snowed again, I love the hospital and the town is very small. I am so glad to have my computer running again, I still don't have the cable hooked up for TV (they can't do it until Jan 8) Not much to do here, I have browsed through all the shops and driven to a few close towns. Planning a trip to Bangor next week.
  10. by   karleb
    Hi Snowfreeze,
    Welcome to Maine! It was funny, I had JUST read the thread about changing jobs within nursing, noticed your name a few times there and when I clicked over to the Maine forum saw your name first thing!
    I grew up in Bangor and have lived in the area my whole life. You've probably already researched the skiing areas but Mt Jefferson is one that is close to Lincoln.

    Hope you are enjoying all the snow!
  11. by   snowfreeze
    Thanks for the welcome and I love the snow!!! I had driven to Lee on Jan 2 but the slopes were not open. I am not working ths coming weekend so hopefully all the snow won't melt with this heat wave we will be getting this week. Up in the 40's during the day.
    I ventured to Bangor twice and plan to drive to the shore in the next few weeks to look for a good seafood restaurant. If you have any suggestions please share. My children are visiting me Feb 1 thru the 5th.
  12. by   jenninmaine
    Welcome to Maine!

    Just be sure to visit Baxter State Park/Mt. Katahdin when all of this snow clears!!