Do you have to be a registered nurse to start an IV?

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    I am currently a RN with the state of maine. I work at a facility that does alot of blood collections and IV therapy. I didnot recieve IV skill training in school but am learning through the facility i work with.
    There is an employee that has been here a number of years and has extensive phlebotomy experience. I have no doubt that she is capable of performing the task of using a catheter type needle to start an iv infusion. She is extensively trained in the procedure we are performing but uses a small butterfly needle in place of a catheter for return infusions. My Question is this

    Do you have to be certified in an iv course or be a registered Nurse to use these catheters for IVs in the state of maine? She would not be giving any medications.
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  3. by   gatorgirl123
    I'm a nursing student and am allowed to start ivs (with meds), although I dont have a license, I did have training in school.
  4. by   Freedom42
    Short answer: An LPN who has been certified in IV therapeutics may start IVs only on the upper extremities of adult patients in restricted settings (e.g., hospital or nursing home). The certified LPN may administer premixed meds but cannot push.

    Long answer, with all the details: Chapter 10 of the Maine Board of Nursing's rules. You should be able to find what you're looking for there.
  5. by   RNmilwife
    LPNs can but they have to take the IV Cert course