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Maiden name or Married name


Hi, I'd like to ask about the application for NCLEX and CGFNS. I just got married last year in USA and I'm having a problem regarding what surname I'm going to use. I have really no idea because all of my documents (TOR, PRC licence) are placed under my maiden name. If I use my married name they might be confuse with my application, can you guys help me out on what I have to do? Thank you in advance.

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I would suggest that you use the name on all of your legal documents, if it is still your maiden name use that. It's much easier to change EVERYTHING once you legally change to your married name. If you do not have legal documentation of your married name yet, either use the maiden name or wait until your documents are changed to your married name. Hope this helps.

Edited to add: NCLEX test centers require your registered name match your government issued ID down to every letter so please keep that in mind.

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Thank you MissMoo25. I'm still waiting for my greencard to arrive in mail. I used married name on my greencard application. I'm thinking to use married name in applying for CGFNS-CES and will ask my school to change my documents(TOR and diploma) to married name. Anyway, I'm from Philippines.

If you have one name on your green card and a different name on your passport then I suggest calling the BON in your state and ask them what to do. they can give you a definitive answer. The rest of us would be guessing.

MissMoo25, BSN, MSN, RN, APRN, NP

Specializes in Pediatrics, Long Term Care.

Here is info I found direct from Pearson Vue, hope this helps!

Acceptable Identification

Use the exact name that is on your ID whenregistering for the NCLEX with Pearson VUE. At thetest center, the name on the ID you present mustmatch the name in the Pearson VUE system. If itdoes not match you will be required to reregisterand pay another exam fee.

  • The only acceptable forms of identification for testcenters within the U.S. are:
    ž Passport books and cards
    ž Driver’s license
    ž Provincial/Territorial or state identification cardž Permanent residence card
    ž Military identification card

  • The only identifications acceptable for test centersoutside of the U.S. are:
    ž Passport books and cards

  • All forms of identification listed above must be valid(non-expired) government-issued identificationcontaining the following information:
    ž Name (in Roman characters)
    ž Photographž Signature

  • IDs from a U.S. sanctioned (embargoed) countrymust follow the proof of residence policy.

  • Temporary identification (examples includelimited term IDs and any ID reading “temp” or“temporary”) is only acceptable if it meets therequired elements stated above.

  • If you cannot provide an acceptable ID at yourappointment, you will have to reregister and payanother exam fee for the NCLEX.

Thank you nurses for the responses. Anyway, I will report my marriage to the Phil. Embassy in San Francisco pretty soon so I can use my married name for the renewal of passport. So it means I'm going to use my married name in the entire process of NCLEX and CGFNS. One more question regarding CGFNS, am I correct to ask my school and PRC to change my documents from maiden name to married name so CGFNS will not going to confuse? Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comments.