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Ok. Are any of you familiar with the Magnet Designation for hospitals?

My hospital organization just recently acquired this designation, and I think it's a joke. Two years ago, when I first heard about it, it was made to sound like if a hospital had this designation, it was "nurse friendly", like good pay, continuing ed, no overtime, etc. Well, nothing has changed at my hospital as a result. Does anyone know any more about this??


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Finishing up nursing school and all area hospitals are sending recruiters to speak with the class-last week had a hospital who used up most of presentation talking about Magnet status as its selling point. Seemed like the big thing was how the hospital is supposed to have great working conditions for nurses, esp when it comes to nurses furthering education-flexible scheduling around school hours, clinical ladders, compensation for certifications, and a NP on each floor as resource for nurses. Sounds great, but can't really say that nurses I know from that hospital are any happier. That's the first I had ever heard of Magnet programs, I'd like to hear if anyone has seen a difference in job satisfaction with this implemented.

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