what magazine(s) should I subscribe to for continuing education?

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Hiya RNs out there!

I'm a new grad RN and never want to stop learning. I want to know which magazines or nursing journals for continuing education you subscribe to or recommend to keep up with the latest in practice / developments, etc.

I prefer somewhat easily accessible content-- between work and children, short and sweet is good!!!

thanks for your help and recommendations!

calmwillow, RN

littlemammanurse, BSN, RN

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I usually have the local colleges around where I live mail me their continuing education catalog.They have a lot of online programs, and programs that are done on the weekends that I have taken.I like the online programs because I can commit to however and whenever I want to work on the course work.


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I subscribe to a journal in a specialty I like, lots of ceus courses

which you can do online or mail in.

Mosby or Lippincott have a list of interesting journals.

And congratulations on your graduation!

on eagles wings, ASN, RN

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i like online newsletters like the ones from nursingcenter.com. critical care insider is a good one :)