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I am looking for information on how often you are completing assessments such as reflexes and vs on patients who have delivered, gone home and been readmitted with out of control BP who are then placed on Mag Sulfate? Anybody doing this?


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In this case, vital signs would be taken q 15 min- 1h while being bolused and until stablized. DTR's are assessed while vital signs are, also. Strict I and O counts are always kept during magnesium therapy.

After stabilized somewhat, the frequency of vital signs goes to q1hour while on magnesium, with DTRs being assessed q2hours. We also set the pumps to deliver no more than 1 hour's fluids, keeping a strict tab on the magnesium/fluid intakes. Yep, they are time-consuming cases, when people are on magnesium. It's sad, they get little to no decent rest while on magnesium therapy, due to all the vital signs/pump setting.


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I do this all the time. Our routine is every 15min X 1 hr 1hr X4 hours then q 4 hours and prn as needed for vitals and reflex checks. Granted it is nursing judgment if they are sicker and more unstable they get it done more frequently. Remember magnesium does nothing to control bloodpressure it just raises the seizure threshold. our usual rate is 2-4 grams of magnesium an hour a bag last from 8-12 hours or so sometimes longer.


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Post partum our guidelines are as mentioned by mugwump. Though, I am in that room every hour. :rolleyes: Just anal...

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