Made it through my first month!


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I just took my first final on Friday in Fundamentals of Nursing I and it was 50% of my grade. If I didn't pass I would be out of the program! Luckily I passed and we start going into the hospital once a week starting Monday! I am SO excited! This first month has been a lot of working and stressing out! How is everyone else doing in there programs? And does anyone have any advice in surviving fundamentals. My teachers do not teach situations and the tests are only situations. I find it hard to apply what I read to a situation or condition I have never heard of before, or am just not too familiar with. Any help? Thanks!


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Congratulations!!! Way to go one month down only x amount left. lol. I'm just starting my first week tomorrow, all I've done was orientation which left me with 6 pounds of homework lol. So good luck to all of us.


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I am thinking of enrolling in the Central School of Practical Nursing in Cleveland. Any graduates out there? Any opinions??

Congrats on making it past the 1st month, you'll be done in no time. I just finished 6 months and I have 6 more to go, I'm going nuts, I can't wait!!!!!


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Congrats! I know how you feel. I have two months to go until I graduate and I can't wait. It's been a long year!


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Almost 3 months under my belt! We are in the hosp once a week now, and everything is getting harder! congrats on everyone who is almost done!


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congrats to everyone!!!!! in two weeks i will be done with my first semester!!:yeah: i'm so ready for this to be over with. it has been challenging but i know it will be rewarding in the future.

hang in there everyone and we will be nurses in no time!!:nurse:

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almost 3 months under my belt! we are in the hosp once a week now, and everything is getting harder! congrats on everyone who is almost done!

hello ashley i will be graduating in january. my advice is that it is never too early to start reviewing your nclex books. i bought the saunders nclex review book which broke things up by sections. for example. fundamentals, maternity, pediatrics, pharms by systems, med surg by systems. and everytime i had an exam on a certain topic i would review it in the nclex books. best advice a nurse gave to me and it works at least for me anyways. congrats on making it this far and i hope you get through to the end. keep in touch and let us know how u r doing.

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