Lynn's Workshop for CPNE prep.


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put my deposit down on a workshop to be held in the dfw area scheduled for june 19th and 20th. anyone else going on this scheduled date and site or a different site and date? i know several of you guys have taken this workshop. any tips on what you would have done prior to the workshop that maybe you did not do initially? i hope to take my cpne by the end of the year, but i want to make sure i am well prepared and figure out how to control my nerves...i have severe test anxiety with regular tests. if fact i have not tested since i passed all of my nc's in feb. because i think part of me is afraid to be cpne eligible. how crazy is that? i have not even started to study sociology...i feel like i am in a frozen state. i thought if i take a workshop i will have to get my feet wet so to speak and make myself do the required reading before the workshop as bev had mentioned via a voice mail i had received. i have rob's dvd, lynn's lab station dvd, excelsior college dvd, the wound, a fake arm, the skills bag equipment...i am so freaking scared! anyway would like to hear from others that have attended lynn's workshop or planning on attending one. i am hoping to take this one, as it will be at the beginning of my studies to get the ball rolling,and then i hope to take a final one in the fall or early winter to see where i stand and what i need to do to be as prepared as possible. sorry this is so long! my brain is overheating and i had let some brain cells escape. lol! thanks guys for helping out everyone in their time of need. traci:d

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this is the way i did it...i took one at the beginning and then at the end of my studies. the first one confused and scared the hell out of me. i had no clue what this woman was talking about but then after doing more and more studying at home going into the second workshop with her made it all come together.

it will help you if you have started memorizing your mnemonics ..make sure you have copies of all your forms

care plans

evaluation forms

pcs recording forms

med admin records


and sim lab forms

  • i took these and dissected these line by line . she explained what to put and what not to put on these forms..very important not to slip on your paperwork.

  • take your mosby's she shows you tricks to use it and very valuable time saving techniques.

  • be ready to take extensive notes over care plans- she gives you blanket careplans that apply to every patient.

  • one thing that confused me beyond belief was the rational statement.. she gives you blanket rationales then teaches you how to apply these to your patient...
  • listen closely how she explains the grid...most people think its just a list of things to do ..but really it's your life line and she teaches you how to put it together so you can stay within time frame for meds , set up treatments if you have any and get everything organized...i learned alot about grids from her and can honestly say i may not have passed without her grid setup...

i will be happy to further explain anything if you get confused or you need clarification....we are here for you and you can do this...

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thanks denise! this really means so much to me. i think i am going to print out your post to kind of help guide me in the right direction and give me the encouragement that i need. traci

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