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LVN student worried about licensure

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Hi everyone! I am an LVN student in Ca, worried about not gettting licensed because of a criminal background. I was convicted of a petty theft misdemenaor in '02, had it expunged, and am now in school. I am taking a HUGE risk with the time and money I am investing into school only to be dissappointed in the end. I spoke with the director of nursing in my program, and she seems to think I should be ok, but there is no guarantee. I have already visited the website of Ca board of LVN's, and know the whole process, etc. My question is- is there anyone out there who knows of students getting licensed with my type of conviction? I believe I was shaped and created to be a nurse, I just hope a past mistake wont prevent me from acheiving my dream!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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My classmate, a 42 year old male, got licensed with a DUI on his record from 14 years ago. This was in Los Angeles, California.

Another classmate got licensed in California as an LVN after being charged with possession of a firearm. But we're not really supposed to answer legal questions on this forum. :)

Good luck!!!!!

Is there anyone at the BNE that could answer it for you? I might be far off...but I am only a student hehehe

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