LVN student w/ gen ed & prereq completed-fastest way to BSN (SF bay area)


hi everyone!

any information i can get on this subject would be invaluable!!!

ok, i am a 21 year old with a 3.5 gpa currently in an lvn/lpn program in san jose. i have all of my prerequisites completed (cabrillo college in aptos california) and i have all of my genereal education completed (ucsc). i currently live in santa cruz and have been making the trek down hwy 17 *shudder* every day to attend this lvn program due to cabrillo's lengthy waitlist for the adn/rn program. instead of sitting around for several years, i decided to go to a private institution and get my lvn, so that i can at least start my career as a nurse, while i wait to start the rn program at cabrillo.

once i thought about it a little more, i figured, since i already have my gen eds done, why not just go for the bsn?

i ultimately would like to get my msn, but im not sure how intense an lvn-msn program would be. i dont want the nursing diagnosis "impaired social interaction m/b lack of meaningful relationships, sitting in room all day, & flat affect r/t an absurd amount of studying required by lvn-msn program," to apply to me:d!!

i am excited about being a nurse and love every minute of my clinical rotation hours (as well as classroom, but pt interaction is totally rad). i want to be the real deal asap!

i currently work in home care for adults with developmental disabilities, which is a job i really enjoy. so i have some experience working in a health care setting.

if anyone has any info on public schools in the san francisco bay area/monterey bay area/pretty much anywhere in northern california with an lvn/lpn to bsn (or even msn) bridge that has no waitlist (or one under a year or so) id greatly appreciate it!! i am willing to drive, move, do whatever it takes to get to where i want to go. i am very motivated and being a fully-fledged nurse is my #1 priority!

thank you for any info!:idea:


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i don't know about your area, but i do know that there are some lvn-bsn programs, one specifically at oklahoma uni that takes 9 months. that leads me to believe that there have got to be some others out there. maybe a google search would help?


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I don't know how you feel about online programs, but have you ever heard of Indiana State University?

They have an online LPN-BSN program in which all theory components are online, and you can set up local preceptorships to be completed at your own pace. If you are a strong learner, it's definately something to consider:)