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I am currently in LVN to RN school here in San Antonio. I have been working in the medical/surgical field since I graduated in 2007 and I absolutely love it! Unforutnately, I found out 2 weeks ago that I would be required to start going to school Monday-Thursday next quarter (I currently only go 2 days a week). So, I knew my best bet would be to work Saturday and Sunday and use Friday as my study day. Unfortuntely, the facility I work at has a lot of nurses who work weekend only and I wasn't going to be able to stay there. I thought about doing agency, but it's not steady work (at least not here) and if it is, you have to sign a contract work 36-hour weeks.

I took a position at a assisted living facility and start this coming weekend. Here's my predicament:

:angryfire I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY SKILLS! :angryfire

I always hear that if you don't use 'em you'll lose 'em. I mainly chose the job because I knew no matter what day I go to school during the way-- it wouldn't effect my work schedule.

Am I being silly? Please give me some guidance :bugeyes:

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1. You can regain any skills that have been lost at a later date. My advice is to keep the job at the assisted living facility.

2. You can accept hospital shifts through an agency 1 or 2 days per month if maintaining those skills is really important to you.

3. Getting through RN school is the priority, and worrying about the loss of skills should be a secondary concern. An LVN with plenty of skills will, in many cases, still be earning far less money than the RN with no skills.


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You worry to much. ;) I worked in primarily LTC/AL for better than 10 years when I went back to the hospital via an agency and they usually asked for me over several other RN's. Since you are in school, you will be refining your skills, not letting them "rust" so go forth and get that ol' RN and be proud that you did. BTW, don't let work be your priority or else you could be doing the whole thing over. It's easier to pay off one set of student loans than it is 2 (or 3 like me).

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Thank you all very much for your input. I greatly appreciate it.

I actually got offered a home health position in the PM (9PM-5AM), 3 nights a week. I'm contemplating taking it, due to the fact that the patient sleeps throughout the night and I can study in peace and quiet :-D

Thanks again!


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You will be in school all year, I would not worry about losing your skills. Remember its just temporary until you get your degree.

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