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LVN to RN 30 Unit option

I am looking for some one that has gone this route for advice. Please tell me of you experience, pros, cons, are you treated any different etc.....

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The major drawback to the California LVN-to-RN 30 unit option is that it results in a limited RN license, and a terminal certificate. Your RN license will be invalid outside California, and can never be endorsed into any other state. In addition, you will not be regarded as a 'graduate' of your particular school of nursing.

I know of people who took this route, because they were certain they would never live outside California. However, life happens. Some of these nurses attempted to endorse their limited license into another state and, to their dismay, were refused.

Honestly, it is better to take the extra classes that are required to earn your associate degree.

There was a thread on the forum a few months back where an individual related her experiences trying to endorse her non-graduate CA RN license to another state (similar situation as a CA 30 unit RN license). The new state was not cooperating at all and the OP was very dismayed. This is one of those situations where you should be certain that you know the ramifications before you choose this course of action. It really is not a very good option in the long run. Most school administrators and people who have been in the profession a long time advise against this route. Good luck.

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