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I currently have not been accepted into the nursing program but will be applying at the end of this semester. My situation is I have a toddler and a failing relationship with her father. I'm now faced with the question of how to support my daughter and myself and although my ultimate goal is to go on to get my bachelors I'm wondering if I should go the LVN or RN route right now? Is it possible to support yourself on a LVN salary? And although it would be tough would I have time to go to continue going to school? Is the LVN program much shorter than the RN program? Any information on this would be extremely helpful!!!

My LVN program was 11 months. The RN would have been 18 for me but you need prerequisites completed, which I didn't have.

As an LVN in Texas last year I made about $44k and was able to support myself and live comfortably, but I do not have a child.

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It all depends on how you want to live. I know people that were able to live "comfortably" on a Wal-mart hourly wage living part-time. He didn't have the newest items but had a car that worked, a computer, Internet, and an older cellphone. He still managed to save money. Now, for my friends that need the latest games on release day that situation doesn't fly.

Make sure the LVN program doesn't cost too much. Some LVN programs cost as much an RN program.


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