i just started the lvn to adn program at kaplan college-san diego this september. i have been an lvn for about 2 1/2 years now and am really excited about continuing on to become an rn. this has been a life long dream of mine but with family and kids it has been on hold for a few years now. in a way i wish i would have gone straight to rn school but like i said, with family and kids its been a work in progress. now that i am in the program i am trying to keep it all together and juggling school, work, husband, and 2 young kids (1yr and 5 yrs) :heartbeat. at this point i am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the workload and how to manage it all. i am still trying to figure out how to study and what studying technique will help me best. i still have'nt had my first exam in any of my classes yet, but i am hoping that i have enough faith and strength to make it through. i am hoping i can find the best way to manage my time for school as well as still make time for my family.:banghead::sniff::redpinkhe

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Good luck with your endeavor!


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I too have gone back for lpn to rn transition. I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. I have been an LPN for 1 year now and have a little anxiety. I worked in LTC over the past 9 months and did the normal or what is considered normal routines of an LPN in LTC. I worked the third shift and did not have the same experiences as some that worked on first or even second due to clients sleeping, etc. I have been reading a great deal of my nursing books and trying to put as much info in my head for the why's of nursing.


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Congrads on your acceptance! Trying to get into a program at a JC is nearly impossible for me, so I am looking into private schools in S. Cali. I'm interested in attending Kaplan. Could you possibly share your experience in applying such as tuition costs and requirements. Any info would be great, good luck and thanks!

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