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lvn to rn? should I take that step

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I am currently a student at cal state long beach. I really want to be a rn but it is extremely impacted and it is just taking too long.

I thought of taking a surgical tech program but all these negative responces of it being hard to get a job, pushed me away.

So ive been thinking about taking a program so I can start working in the medical field. I was thinking about medical assisting as well. I went to everest college for an orientation and they tried to make me join their program that same day. They kept telling me that they have a bridge program from ma to rn. I done my research and have found nothing! Since I have found nothing and only similar reviews of people graduating from there and stating that they were told the same thing and that it was all a big lie took away my intrested.

Ive spent days aand days like many of you researching here and there. But theres always gaps. I started gaining intrest on the lvn program because I saw there was a chance of being an rn. I always admired them and their work.

Im at the pount where I dont know if I should take that route? What school do you guys recommend in los angeles area because I live in whittier. How much should they cost? Is there chances of me getting a job quick? And if they offer lvn to rn program?

Thanks in advance.

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Personally, I would avoid Everest College for any type of education. Their parent corporation, Corinthian Schools, has been forced to sell most Everest College campuses. The company has been in trouble in the recent past for deceptive practices. Furthermore, the tuition is outrageous.

The people at Everest College lied to you when they told you they offered an MA-to-RN program. MA-to-RN bridge programs do not exist. The medical assistant role is part of the medical model, whereas the LVN and RN roles are part of the nursing model.

I attended Casa Loma College in Van Nuys. I'd recommend a community college LVN program, or at least an ROP or adult education center such as Baldy View ROP, Downey Adult School, Hacienda La Puente Adult School, or North Valley Occupational Center. These schools are accredited and very affordable, with tuition at or below $10,000 in most cases.

Do not fall into the trap of paying $30,000+ in tuition for a private LVN program. The Los Angeles area unemployment rate for LVNs is extremely high, so you do not want to be caught in a cycle of being unable to repay any student loans you might obtain. In addition, do not allow the shady "enrollment counselors" to claim that financial aid will be covering it all.

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I agree with the commuter. DON'T PAY $30,00+ for a LVN program! Stay at CSLB and do all you BSN prerequisites and aim for the highest grades possible! That way when the time comes, your gpa will be a strong factor in you getting in.

BUT, if you want a short term school choice, then a LVN program "might" be a good choice. The program is way cheaper at an adult school, but you might be waiting for awhile to get in.

I know a lot of LVN's that are content. Mind you we work in home care. I always have work. Too much sometimes that I turn down shifts. But as you know, we're limited to where we can work. If your young and have time, then I'd say be patient. If not, look into the adult school near Whittier.

I love that city, I was there a few weeks ago for their yearly car show.

Good luck!