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lvn program

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I live in california and I just finished the prerequisites for the ADN program at a community college last year. I started applying for the program last spring but unfortunately I did get in. I'm not sure if its the same to other states or cities but here the program is lotterized. The school that I'm attending right now told us that there are 600+ applicants for the ADN program and they will only accept 30 applicant for each semster. It is hard to wait but it wouldn't be as hard if I know how long should I wait but in my case I don't know if I'm really waiting for something. So I thought why not study LVN at a private institution such as western career or unitek. And then after that take their RN bridge program. I just want to know is it worth doing that. Does anyone in here goes or went to unitek college? Do u guys know other schools like unitek?

Although I dont live in Cali, I am doing just that....I am becoming an LPN then I will contiue on part time to become an RN. The wawiting list for any RN program is RIDICULOUS around here. I would have had to wait atleast 3 years! i think that that is crazy.....The LPN program I am going to only has 40 slots ao we had to take the TEAS test and i was so happy when I found out that I was one out of the 200(about im not sure exactly there were, but there was alot of applicants) that fell into the 50 or so slots, I was estatic. Then I had an interview and had to produce all of my transcripts and a whole bunch of other paperwork and voila...I will be starting in 4 days!!!!! ANd not only am I going to acheive my goal of becoming an RN alot faster than waiting aroundtil my name came up on that list....i will be in advanced placement in the RN program once i graduate.....and I will be working as an LPN while going to school for my RN which Means EXPERIENCE when I go out for the first time as an RN.... It was a choice that I felt was the best thing for me and my son .....what ever you decide to do....BEST OF LUCK!!!!

p.s. What are the odds of "hitting the lottery"?...I'd weigh in on that....you can always keep your name on the list and hope thatyou are through with your LPN course and continue on to your RN if the LPN school you chose doesnt offer a bridge


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i live in the bay area, so you can imagine that all the rn programs here are severely impacted and are very competitive to get into.

my cousin started taking classes at sf state university full time since she was 18 years old for the rn program, completed all her pre-reqs with a's & b's, but was on a waiting list (tried applying more than once) then finally she settled for the adn program at city college sf (lottery) she was very lucky... she is 25 years old now! she just passed the rn boards, and is upgrading to get her bsn. so it took her lots of hard work and patience, she also took a full load each semester.

like victoriam, i have a toddler and cannot wait on those lists.

i will be starting my lvn program in november, and will finish in november 2009. plan to take the nclex right after, work for some time while applying at schools in the bay that offer advance placement for lvn's. their waitlists are much much shorter.

then in a few years finally achieve my dream of becoming an rn :nurse:

if you choose to wait, i hope that you do get accepted to your program soon.

good luck to you & your endeavors!

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