LVN in NYC but I want the Texas license instead

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I am not sure how to structure the sentence quick and clear . Anyways, I am living in NYC but I want to return to Texas. I cannot go and study in Texas now.

I am getting into school for the lvn in NYC, could one just scheduled the NCLEX in Texas and get the license from there? How would I do that??

NY is not compact. I know the process to transfer the license but I figure if I could skip that.... please no insults if silly question ...

You can take the NCLEX wherever you want, it makes no difference. If you want a TX license, then when the time comes, apply for a TX license instead of a NY license.

Thanks you...I realized my error in thinking now!!!

Be aware that you'll need to tell your school, when you're graduating, that you want them to send your info to the TX BON. Schools of nursing send all the necessary info on graduating students to their own BON for each graduating class, and, because that happens automatically, student typically don't realize that is a necessary part of the licensure process. Your school can just as easily send the info to the Texas BON, but they'll need to know that you want them to do that.

Then you!!!!!!!!!

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