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Title says it all...LOL..I am an LVN with 2 years experience in Home Health and 1 year experience in a clinic at a major hospital here. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the area we will be relocating too. It is a small town called Teague. It is about 45 mins. east out of Waco and about 15 mins from a town called Mexia, 15 mins from Fairfield, and about 45 mins. from Corsicana or Palestine. My family is in Teague and I am looking forward too being closer to them. I am making a decent hourly wage right now in Home Health, $24.50 an hr. Of course the cost of living here in Cali is crazy. I will be relocating with my 7yr. old son, he is not real excited but then he only has lived in Cali. So, does anyone know anything about the area or other areas close to it that might be a great place to work. I have been looking online but getting info. from others in the area would be great.Thanks in advance for any info...

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Hello! I'm another California LVN who moved to Texas a little over 2 years ago. I earn $23 hourly in Fort Worth at a local nursing home, which is decent. However, the big cities in TX pay LVNs more than the small towns. I'm curious as to why you selected Teague?

The area in which you plan to move does not pay LVNs well; however, you will find plenty of opportunities in the rural hospitals and home health agencies that were probably unavailable to you in CA. You might need to brace yourself for a commute. In addition, the LVN scope of practice is wide open here in TX. On the other hand, it was more restrictive in CA.

Good luck to you!

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